Meet Our CEO

Daniel Edwards, Sr., MPA
President/Chief Executive Officer
Community Services, Inc.

After spending my career in both the for-profit and non-profit space on the heels of my military service during war/peacetime, I am humbled and privileged to write this message as the Chief Executive Officer of Community Services, Inc. (CSI).

This is a special time in this organization’s history as we celebrate over fifty years of service. We recognize our successes and tremendous strategic growth as better stewards of the funds we have received and continue to receive over the years. CSI began its journey in the mid-sixties and has spent these years continuing to build and expand our footprint as an organization.

Recognized as a model agency within the Community Action Network, CSI has remained compliant over the years due to meeting funder requirements and the regulatory mandates within those processes. As a result of the commitment of a nine-member Board of Directors with a shared vision for the organization, CSI’s mission states its relevant part:

“To provide support services that empower and enrich individuals, families, and communities directly and through mutual collaborations with community partners leading to self-sufficiency.”

Our dedication and commitment to providing exceptional client services and living out the core values as written in the organization’s Strategic Plan is a top priority. They are the pillars that undergird our efforts to meet the immediate basic needs of those in the communities we serve. In short, CSI stands for Excellence in Leadership, Integrity, and complete Transparency in the spirit of community collaboration. “Hustle” is ingrained in our DNA, and we do not make provisions for a Plan B.

Looking ahead, we plan to accelerate our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our Community Action brand. We are excited about expansion plans for our current programs and facilities, starting with our Transit Operations and adding new programming concepts that will increase the scope of our services for the elderly and disabled. All of which bring positive change to the communities where we work, live, worship, and play.

I am incredibly grateful to be associated with CSI and excited about this ongoing journey. The best of CSI is yet to come!