Community Services Inc.

Having formed in 1966 in response to the federal administration’s declaration of war on poverty, Community Services, Inc. has been providing services to individuals, families and the communities it serves for almost 50 years.  Community Services, Inc. has strived to provide needed support with empathy and concern for those we serve and is committed to assisting clients to become self-reliant and alleviating the debilitating effects of poverty.

Through our various programs, Community Services, Inc. provides assistance to low-income individuals and families that allow the development and growth of clients through education, utility support, home energy efficiency and transportation.  As a community action agency, we have assisted thousands of individuals and families achieve home stability, realize educational dreams and satisfy basic life needs.

Community Services, Inc. offers clients and the community a wide array of support and assistance.  In 2014, Community Services, Inc. helped over 15,400 individuals and 5,200 families with our combined programs and ancillary services.  Our service area includes up to 15 Texas counties, depending on the program.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide support services that empower and enrich individuals, families and communities.



  • We believe that the support we provide genuinely benefits and assists the growth of individuals and the community.
  • We believe in providing the best customer service possible to all our stakeholders.
  • We believe in operating in a transparent and open manner.
  • We believe in fairness, ethical behavior and fiscal responsibility.
  • We believe positive work environments and team effort will result in outstanding achievements.


The people we serve have greater opportunities to succeed  and transition beyond their current circumstances, as they grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically. They have the ability to provide for themselves and their families, with greater self-confidence, improved skills and increased knowledge.

Our partners value our understanding of poverty and work with us to share resources and help recipients of our services achieve their goals.

Our communities grow more prosperous as those we serve become self-sufficient and better providers for their households.

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